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  1. Kyle Hearnsberger

    *Respect-intended warning : I might be a jabber-jaw on this note, but I apologize beforehand, because, I admit I’m just enthusiastic about Skyrim and definitely love the game. Very entertaining video-game, I must say.*

    This is my first time messaging the truly lovely and obviously video-game-voice-actress-talented Cindy Robinson, and I just wanted to send along a huge thank you for being what I consider a crucial part of one of the most AWESOME main characters of Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood group of assassins. I am a HUGE fan of Astrid. If I may vent about her for a moment, I have both the PS3 and PC edition, and it makes me SO angry that the game developers had the player-character kill her off. During the production of the game – with said storyline – I wish they had implied a spell-book or a scroll of some kind where the burned effects of burned-Astrid could be reversed, and that she could’ve been able to continue being the leader of the Brotherhood. I have something to tell you about that, which you might find hilarious, but I hope you don’t mind keeping it between you and I : On my first ever play-through of the Dark Brotherhood storyline, I genuinely and literally cried a little bit when I was forced to kill Astrid on the PS3. Your character was someone who I actually felt seemed to be pretty cool AND nice on the game. The old man (forgot his name) in the Brotherhood robes is a smart mouth. I like Babette and the lady who – if you speak to her before the quest to kill Vittoria Vici of Solitude, she informs the player of an enchanted bow the player can use that has a good range to it for easy kills.
    Take care and, thank you again so much for being what I consider a crucial part in the making of one of my favorite storylines on Skyrim. (It’s a plus you’re quite pretty too, if you don’t mind my say so, ma’am. 🙂 ). Hope you and yours has a nice, soon-weekend. Be safe and take care of yourself. I am a huge fan, due to Skyrim. All the best to you.
    A devoted Skyrim fanatic,
    Pardon my random note, but wanted to shoot you support in my liking your Astrid character. Some comments from her I find to be hilarious – but some are kind of scary, sad to say. HAVE A GOOD ONE, MA’AM !!! (I was raised in the South, so I prefer to say ma’am out of respect to you – especially to any new ladies I have the honor of meeting per social media. 🙂 Not that ALL Southerners are nice, but I choose to be polite and well-mannered to one of my favorite voice-over people. ) Contemplating NOT playing either PC or PS3 Skyrim anymore, permanently, because my PC one – technically it’s the “Elder Scrolls Anthology” group of CD’s for PC – has been messed up, and I’d not had it EXTREMELY long. If even a stinking month, sadly. Like I said above, sorry for the random, but support-intended note of my being a fan of your Astrid character. I actually think she’s kind of cool.

  2. Dennis Davie

    Cindy – so much of you worked is & has been amazing, but one most definitely stands legions in front of the rest. Moribito is unparalleled, and Balsa is beyond what I can put into a few words. The first time I watched Moribito it brought me to tears and I immediately purchased for my collection. I’ve since watched numerous times – whenever it’s streaming as well as my disc set – each time seemingly better than the last. Balsa remains one of the toughest, and simultaneously most complex, but caring leads in a series with very little competition, period.

    The entire cast and crew deserve every bit of applause and their respective ‘kudos’ without a doubt. Still, the life you breathed into Balsa is hands down the finest in my collection and of those I’ve viewed. (Which is now more than 1000 titles…so that REALLY is saying something.)

    Anyone can easily see there was no part of the show, nor the characters that were “phoned in” and a great deal of “personal touch” was utilized to bring them all to life. Balsa had to have with it, for you I mean, a very victorious feeling upon completion.

    As such, I just wanted to say thank you for your performance; the time and effort poured into Balsa has touched and impressed me, and so many fans, across the entire spectrum of different genre lovers. Moribito is one of those that is often watched and reviewed as one’s favorite more times than I can count and more so than any other title of its kind. (And just as much as compared to titles of a different genre. It simply has no equal.)

    So again, thank you for all your work and the effort into bringing Balsa to life so exceptionally, as well as so much fun and entertainment to so many. Specifically for Moribito & Balsa. She very truly is an amazing character and work of art who will absolutely stand the test of time. Thank you, thank you.

    Dennis Davie

    1. admin (Post author)

      Balsa was hands-down one of my favorite characters to voice. It was directed by the fantastic Kristi Reed and was a project where I was truly sad when it ended. Thank you so much for your very sweet note. I’m glad she means that much to you… she was very important to me, as well.

  3. Eric Velazquez

    What character(s) did you voice in Soulcalibur V?

    1. admin (Post author)

      I have absolutely no idea. I am not even sure I was in it! Most of the time, we are handed non-disclosure agreements and the contracts have false titles to keep any info from leaking early. Have a great day!

  4. Sam

    Wow, I didn’t think Helen from Street Fighter V had such an enchanting and sassy voice actress behind her. I’m glad to have the chance to say hi!

  5. JoJo

    Hi, ​Cindy. My name is JoJo. I’m a big fan of your voice work. And I was wondering if you would be interested in being a guest voice in my YouTube trivia show. All you’d have to do is read a few lines of trivia. I know you are busy and understand if you aren’t able to do it.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi JoJo. Thanks for commenting and I’d be happy to record a couple of trivia questions. Let me know when, what and how and we’ll get this done quickly! Have a great day!


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