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Change = Challenge

Change = Challenge

Sometimes I have a problem with change.  Especially if that change revolves around a technical issue.  It was recently brought to my attention by my Tech-y Diva Friend that if my website were a haircut, it would be a mullet.  Being from Oklahoma, I possess a pretty strong anti-hick chip:  No rusty cars will be parked on my front lawn, a cracked tooth is unacceptable and Frito Chili Pie should never be served at a bridal shower.  A MULLET?

Time… for…chaaaaaange.  Ugh.

One quick side note:  In the last month, I have blown up my refrigerator, my treadmill, my cable has gone out, my computer couldn’t support the old software so it had to be replaced and I destroyed and had to replace my microphone pre-amp … Please, for the love of Mike, don’t even ask me what that is. 

Tech + Cindy = Apocalypse. “But I like my website!” I argued.  “Does it really matter?” “Billy Ray Cyrus is going back out on tour.  Mullets could actually be making a comeback!”  But the loop in my head played on and I knew Tech-y Diva was right, “Mullet, mullet, mullet…”

I was not looking forward to this process.

And it didn’t disappoint.  I spent hours on support hotlines, I was back and forth to the Almighty Genius Bar no less than 3 times and I almost cried when I finally got everything working only to find out that my headphone jack needed an adapter.  Tech-y Diva worked tirelessly switching servers and collecting data and updating the rope and pulley system that was my online presence.  That’s when my email got disabled…  Okay… you get the picture.  And all because I had been hanging onto an outdated website for far too long.

Then … yesterday I came face to face with my past.  (Oh, the irony!)

I sat in a theatre and listened as the overture began… one that I knew note for note.  I felt my hand conduct along, hitting all of the dynamic shifts and changes and when the curtain went up and Peter Pan flew onstage, I realized it would only take looking at that script once and I could immediately be right back up there.  I did the National Tour and Broadway company of Peter Pan for 3 years and as if that wasn’t enough, Mrs. Darling was being played by the ever-lovely Kim Crosby, with whom I had spent a year on Broadway in Into The Woods.  I admit… I wept openly when Cathy Rigby threw the fairy dust in the air and “flew” thinking lovely thoughts indeed.

The Broadway years were a big deal to me and something that I had worked for my entire life.  And then it changed.  Imploded, really, would be a better description.  It was hard… It all crashed and took a long time to fix.  (Hmmm… are we connecting the dots here, people?)  But then… voice over happened.

Talk about your happy accidents!

Monday:  A Southern ghoul in a roller derby.

Tuesday:  Off screen news reporter and police dispatch officer.

Wednesday:  A gigantic ogre cat who is electrocuted and set on fire.

Thursday:  A badass warrior queen spider who plans to take over the world

Friday:  A fortune telling Betty Boop for a series of Vegas slot machines.

Now.. this is my life and all because of that Cha… Challenge.

The voice acting community is quite simply, divine.  Supportive.  Inspiring.  And as I sat backstage yesterday, talking to my old friends, I realized that losing that old career was difficult in the short term but opened me up to a new happiness that I didn’t even know existed and a life that I look forward to every morning when I get up.  I’m allowed to fly and I don’t even need the fairy dust.

So maybe this new website thing is gonna work out.  Thanks for joining me here and I look forward to actually being able to communicate with you on a regular basis.  Who knows what new things this virtual hair cut will bring but if the past is anything to go by… It’s all good.

Bye-bye, tired Mullet.  Hello, youthful Bangs.

Footnote:  Tech-y Diva is Erin Fitzgerald.  She and her partner, Mel Crosby are 100% responsible for this change over and if you need any kind of computer work done, message me and I will get you in touch with them.  They handled me with grace and patience… Good folks with lotsa knowledge.

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