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Non- Disclosure


July 2012

Tech-y Diva says that it’s time to update my blog.  I resist.  This isn’t unusual… (Me resisting, that is.)  But this time, it’s for a different reason:   It isn’t that I don’t WANT to update… it’s that..well…

I can’t.

Let me clarify:   I am a bit like a spy… (Yes, a voice over spy.  They do too have those. Do too…  do too… do too…. MOM!!!)   I can tell you absolutely nothing about what I do for a living. I have to sign a Document (and it’s important because it’s capitalized)  that guarantees that I will keep my mouth shut.   If I say a word, I could be fined and possibly spend…hang on let me check the exact wording…Ah! Here it is:  up to 30 days in jail!  JAIL, people!  Don’t send me to jail.  I’m little.  I’m redheaded.  I have a habit of belting out showtunes at the most inopportune times.  (See where I’m headed with this? ) But I digress:

In the biz, this Document  is called:

(attach booming reverb…)

The Almighty Non-Disclosure Agreement…ment…ment..ment…..

Oh sure, I can give you the basics.  There is a microphone in the room.  I say things in odd voices and because it’s already been disclosed from my previous record of employment, I can tell you that  I work with/as an occasional superhero, monster or talking animal… you know, a usual day at the office…. but THAT’S IT!    As a matter of fact, I’m probably in breach of contract just letting that much slip out!  I can’t give you any details, any names of the characters I play, the name of the project… I mean, hey! Sometimes they don’t even give me the name of the project!  No joke.  The last contract I signed was for something called GW872649-p/*  Talk about covert.  I have to check IMDB and Wikipedia on a monthly basis just to find out what I’ve done so I can update my own resume.  They take this seriously, ya’ll.  Apparently, espionage is alive and well and voice actors must be watched like hawks because we could be spies.


(Cue Mission: Impossible theme music…)

Bum, bum, baaaaa da, bum, bum baaaa da…

We’re going to play a game! 

(Doodle doooooo…. doodle doooo.. doodle… eh… you get the idea…)

It’s called:  _______________________!!! 

(GREAT name for a game, huh?)

Here’s how it works. (Please keep the music playing in your head while you read this because I feel that life should be underscored.  It’s just more fun that way.)  I’m going to describe a typical  job to you, censoring out all of the pertinent deets and you can fill in the blank with your own ideas.  You have until the fuse reaches the dynamite….Ready?  Go!

(SSSTTTsssssssssss…..{that’s the fuse being lit…})

Last week, I walked into a studio with _________________.  We got to watch the first part of _________________ so we could get a rough idea about what the project was about.  In a nutshell, it revolves  around __________who ______________ and then they _____________.  This means that we have to ______________!  (Can you believe it?)  This is gonna be a ______ day!  Three hours in, we’re all __________ and then we have to ____________ while the ______________.  (There’s video of this, but, well… I can’t show it to you.)  Finally, ________ and __________later, we wrap.  Exhausted, but super ___________. 

(stssssssss…… fuse is getting closer….)

Okay, okay… that was an easy one!  How about this:

Yesterday, I got to work on ___________ which is one of the___________ in the _____.  Big honor here, people!  I was super excited!  I went to ____________ and was given ______________ by ____________.  It didn’t take very long.  ((I mean, right?  It doesn’t take very long to _________ if you’re doing it correctly.)  So, I ___________ and then _____________ and then took a deep_________ and _______________. Sigh….. all _________.  

(stssssssss……. HURRY!)

Alright… a tiny clue on this last one.  This project was SO BIG that I wasn’t even involved and I still had to sign the NDA just to GET IN THE BUILDING!

I  go to __________ Studio for a completely unrelated project.  I walk in the door and there stands ___________ and ____________ (who voiced__________) and next to him was ____________ (I know, RIGHT?  I was dying, too!)   They were all there for _________ which is coming out ___________ at _____________.   Just when I thought that couldn’t get any cooler…. ________________ was ____________-ing! We all laughed ’cause that was pretty funny… Man!  I wish you could have been there.  You’d have ___________!

(sstsssssssssss…… oh crap!  We’re almost to the end!)

So, see??  It isn’t that I don’t WANT to tell you what it’s like to be out here and what I’m working on… It’s just that I CAN’T!

Well, actually I could…. but then I’d have to ___________________.




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