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Go, go, GO!!!!!!

Nov 2013

I know when it stopped.

It was the day I met My Match.  I met the One Person who made me so insecure with my talent that I thought I could never compare.  And you know what?

I couldn’t.

But that wasn’t My Friend’s fault.  My Friend does what he does on a world class level.

And then I was reminded:

So do I…

It just so happens to be in a Different World.  Not a Better World or a Worse World.  Just a…

Different world.

(Stop.  Stop!!! I can hear the theme song.  The references.  Please.. let’s not even go there!)

Instead, let’s go back…

I’d never been afraid in my entire life.  I was a Leaper.  (Nope.. Not a LEPER, although I must admit to having felt that way from time to time.  Haven’t we all??)  I was a LEAPER.  If I saw a creative cliff, I would jump off of it without a moment’s hesitation and who the hell cared what I encountered along the way?  I was an ARTISTIC NINJA!  I’d created and re-created my career twice in two VERY difficult fields and I’d decided to start on a third.  I HAD THIS!

I’d even encouraged this behavior in my friends.  “Why are you scared,” I’d ask?  “What have you got to lose?  Go, go, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And then it happened to me:  The stagnation.  The fear.


Yeah, that was the sound of my Artistic Ninja Skillz failing me as I tumbled into the depths below.  (Eff you, Artistic Ninja Skillz!)

But it was all of my own volition.

If you had asked My Friend what he thought of me (and being perfectly honest… what he has SAID to me…) My Friend would have told you that he thinks I should be singing at Disney Hall.  My Friend would have said that the one the thing that he hopes to bring out in me is that I will feel inspired to sing again.  And yet…

I didn’t.


Because of:

Fear of Comparison…

Fear of the Armchair Quarterback…

Fear of *gasp* FAILURE!

But let’s be honest, People… The only way to truly fail is to NEVER TRY.

So today I banish Fear.  Today, I take the initiative and get off my own butt. Today, I know that if I fail, I am failing with The Best.

There is room for a Sting, a Springsteen, an Audra McDonald, a Liza Minelli, a Christian McBride and a Zach Brown (just to name a few) and they are ALL on my iPod.  I love them equally, depending upon the day.

A Good Buddy once told me after I sang in a concert that was filled with remarkable, explosive singers with screaming belts and out-of-this-world riffs that yes, they were spectacular, but I was like a Fine Wine.

I’ll take that.  After all… it’s my favorite way to spend an evening.

So… to all of you Fine Wines out there…

There IS a place.

There IS an audience.

Now take your own Artistic Ninja back and…

Go… GO…. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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