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The Wheelhouse Chronicles Volume I: Monstering

“Cindy Kiersten, stop being such a monster!” THAT was the voice of my mother. I heard those words a lot whilst growing up. Yep… I said, “whilst.” This is a classy post, people, and the first in my New Series……
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Change = Challenge

Change = Challenge Sometimes I have a problem with change.  Especially if that change revolves around a technical issue.  It was recently brought to my attention by my Tech-y Diva Friend that if my website were a haircut, it would…
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Non- Disclosure

Non-Disclosure July 2012 Tech-y Diva says that it’s time to update my blog.  I resist.  This isn’t unusual… (Me resisting, that is.)  But this time, it’s for a different reason:   It isn’t that I don’t WANT to update… it’s…
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Go, go, GO!!!!!! Nov 2013 I know when it stopped. It was the day I met My Match.  I met the One Person who made me so insecure with my talent that I thought I could never compare.  And you…
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I Do

I Do   Dec 2013 I have to admit… I’ve only wanted this blog to be work-related.  That’s why I don’t post very often.  I’m rarely allowed to talk about my jobs.  (Please see {both} earlier posts!) But a couple of…
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